Understanding the concept behind clockwise and counterclockwise movement

Clockwise is a movement in the direction of a clock’s hands (top to right, right to bottom, bottom to left, left to top). This means that the movement of the clock hands is clockwise for the entire 360 degrees of its journey, regardless of the angle of origin of that journey.  Once the hands pass the 3 o’clock mark for example, this movement does NOT become counterclockwise – an idea expressed by a certain custom doc. And counterclockwise (or anticlockwise as it is called in certain countries) is the movement against the clock hands (top to left, left to bottom, bottom to right, right to top).  Like going back in time.

Now I don’t know if we offer gauges that have counterclockwise moving needles, but let’s make sure that we are uniform in our understanding of the clockwise/counterclockwise movement concept.