A potentially good answer to a bug report

“This behavior looks unexpected (interesting/strange), but we need additional time to consult with our development team and related feature documentation to see whether support for this scenario was planned when designing the product or added for this release. Your patience is highly appreciated.
Good news is that at this stage our product is flexible enough, and right away you can achieve the desired or similar behavior using the following solution: XXX”


– The customer does not think that this is a bug;

– The customer does not think that our product is buggy;

– The customer does not await an immediate fix;

– The customer does not think that this behavior is permanent and it can be improved in the future;

– The customer has received an immediate and clever answer to his/her report and a temporary solution;

– Development team is not frustrated about receiving a bug report;

– etc;



– None? Let’s discuss 🙂