Usage of ‘feedback’

I wanted to bring your attention to the word “feedback”. Definition – helpful information or criticism that is given to someone to say what can be done to improve a performance, product, etc. So if a customer asks you for technical help, then replying to him/her with “Thank you for your feedback.” is not correct.  You can thank the customer for his/her question or inquiry, but not feedback.  Now, if a customer writes to the support center with an opinion or comment, then it would be appropriate to use “feedback”.

Feedback – very often, this word is used when you request a very specific answer to a very specific question, like “Can you please tell me which version of our products you use? I await your feedback.” So, the word that you ought to use in this scenario is reply or answer. In our company’s communications, feedback ought to be reserved for times when you ask for evaluative information from our clients. For example, when you invite customers to try out a new Beta version of our upcoming product. “We look forward to your feedback once you’ve had the opportunity to test our new controls.” This is because you are asking that client to comment and react to a very particular process, I stress – process.