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Original: “Please explain the steps you’ve done” Corrected: ” Please explain the steps you’ve executed” Explanation: Done in not used in this way, when you wish to discuss the process someone has completed – please use “undertaken” or “executed”

By mistake/in error

Original: “I need to clarify whether this is made especially or by mistake” Corrected: “I need to clarify whether this was done purposely or in error” Reasoning: “made especially” is certainly NOT a phrase in that exists in English “Done purposely” would be the common English phrase. Please use “in error” rather than “by mistake”.

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If you want/if you wish

There are many instances of us telling the customer, “If you want…”  Perhaps we can make the effort to instead jot down, “If you wish…” at times.  It’s not really a matter of right or wrong.  But of flow.  So as you write, pay attention to those “wants” and look into replacing some of them

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How We Grew Our Customer Exit Survey Responses by 785%

An interesting article: How We Grew Our Customer Exit Survey Responses by 785% I liked this: Instead of “why did you cancel?”, we ask “what made you cancel?.” A tiny difference in framing nearly doubled conversions, and the latter email got a roughly 19% response rate.

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